Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bad Apple 1 New Cover

Someone far more clever than I about writing books that vast (vast vast) numbers of people want to buy gave me some advice on Bad Apple.  I, being me, didn't take any of it.  I thought it was not the story I wanted to tell or that I had told.  It was exactly the story he would tell.  The Bad Apple books are not about revenge.  They're not about getting back or getting even.  Doing well is the best revenge and Neal is given an opportunity to become who she truly (wink) is.  She takes it and trying to be a sensible person moves on with her life.  It's not an easy book, or an easy trilogy.  The violence is real, the situations are real and the pain is real.

As I was rethinking a cover I did for someone else, I thought about Bad Apple and all the aspects that come into play maybe I could change the cover and see if Brian's advice was right.  Then after it was created I wondered if anyone would recognize what it's a picture of.

For the 3rd time this week I changed the cover on a book, Amazon congratulated me on being successfully published and the cover is still the old one.  So I'm sorry (really sorry) about that.  But if you recognize what this is, please leave a comment.


  1. It looks like a smoking gun. I like your original cover better. I love all your books especially the Bad Apple books. They are different and unlike most other reads. I also like how you use several of the same characters and towns in most of your books.

  2. Aren't you sweet, Angela! You brightened my day. Thank you.

    You like the apple cover better. Yes, so did I, that's why I resisted changing it for so long. How about if we give it a test until the end of the month and then I'll change it back.

    Did you read Flash? If not and would like to, email me and I'll send you a copy in epub or mobi.

  3. Sounds good!

    I actually have read Flash and Flash of Light. I love the books! I like that they were not what I expected. I have read most of your books and I tend to get them when you first post that they are up. I discovered Bad Apple first and than liked your style of writing because it draws me in. From there, I started reading and liked them! I also think that it is cool that in you sometimes have the couples fall in love right away but the story doesn't end there. You have them work through their issues together. Life isn't perfect just because you meet someone but it makes life better to have them there.

    Anyways...I love your writing!