Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweet Tarts and High Heels

I think telling the story of how this story came to be is longer than the story itself so I'll just say it's an experiment.  At first, I wasn't going to put my name on it at all but I rethought that.  For now, my name won't be on the cover.

Some years ago I saw a documentary on exotic dancers.  All the women were interviewed and told their stories.  They told the good parts, editing out the bad, but one woman let her facade slip a little and I became fascinated with her.

This story is my way of telling her story, the story she couldn't tell, the story I invented for her.  The experimental part is pretending there is a Noel Adrian, Ph.D.  Let's see if that works or is just confusing.  It's a fiction in a story.

Here's the blurb

Noel Adrian, Ph.D. wants to know how young and beautiful women become escorts in Beverly Hills.  Of course, they meet Miss Doucette and are recruited.  The money is great, the lifestyle moving among the rich, powerful and attractive is even better.  But as sociologist, Dr. Adrian wants the backstory.
Tierney has no reluctance to sharing her story.  She’s not proud of her life but she’s not embarrassed either.  Her new world is much like her old one but now she’s not scraping by and she knows how to punch back.  But the past is more difficult to shake off than it looks and under pressure, Tierney reverts to what she knows best.  Will this time be any different.

And it is definitely not for children.  Mature audience only.  Although there's nothing all that graphic and if you're 12 and read it you won't understand half and the other half will seem stupid.

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