Friday, January 13, 2012

Blue Raja

I decided to give the cover a facelift before I put it on Kindle Select for its Freebie on Jan. 15.  This is a book I'm quite fond of and I hope it will find an audience.

The story takes place in our now and about 30 years into the future when a violent and primitive people called the Khryza swoop out of far northern Europe and take over the planet.

You're saying that's impossible.  How can a small group of people control everyone else?  "Superior will," 15 year old Delaney is told.  And of course, Blue Raja, the plant that confers unimaginable mind powers to anyone brave enough, or stupid enough, to use it.

This is the story of the resistance.  Some people still believe life has value and freedom is worth fighting for.  And some people believe these people should be dead.

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