Monday, January 9, 2012

Murder Is Exhausting

I sent Barry and Berry Mitnick to a spa and they came back refreshed, with a new look and a title that reflects why they had to go to a spa in the first place.

There are several reasons why this isn't like the other cozy mysteries.  It's not so cozy, I didn't write all the others and the father and daughter love each other.  I'm a little tired of adult children having the same relationship with their parents as they did when they were teenagers.  Grow up already.   Also, the puppy helps solve the murder.

Here's the blurb

The Mitnicks come from the clothing industry in New York City.  It’s not exactly the high fashion trade, but close.  Berry did go to Paris and work for some of the renowned couturiers to learn more but when she designs, the clothes tend to be a little off-market for anyone in the real world to wear.  Who’s going to wear an evening gown with one wing sticking out of the back?  No one, that’s right.  So Berry packs up her sewing machine, at 27 sort of a failure at what she thought was her life, and comes to live with her father on a ranch in the beautiful central coast of California.  Immediately there's a murder.  And a handsome, irritable sheriff, a cute blacksmith and a group of older women Berry calls a harem chasing her father.  Is she hadn’t been involved in a murder before, maybe Berry could ignore it and let Sheriff Mark Fernandez do his job without input from her.  But she knows what it’s like to never learn who killed someone she loves, and vows not to let it happen this time.  As everyone knows, anyone who kills once, is willing to kill again to keep the truth buried and Berry is getting just too close for anyone’s comfort.

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