Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nothing Serious Last New Cover

Cover art.  Yes.  Important?  It must be.  It's the first introduction the reader has to the book.

Like store brands.  Walmart, Stop & Shop, Best Whatever.  They used to be basic, rudimentary and fairly ugly.  Then something happened and these stores hired graphics designers to compete with Campbell's Soup.  The brand has to be identifiable and pleasing without opening the can to see the contents. 

And yet there are books with not so pleasing covers that sell and books with wonderful covers that don't.

Cover art on ebooks is rapidly becoming more sophisticated.  I can honestly say I don't want to change this one again.  But maybe in 2 years, all book covers will be animated and I'll have to find a way to have this woman raising and lowering the flowers to her nose.

Nothing Serious is still a cute story no matter what the cover is.

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