Monday, January 20, 2014

Flash and Flash of Light New Covers

Yes.  They needed a facelift and I've been lifting everywhere.

One day I said what if a teen had to earn money as a photographer in Hollywood.  The quickest way would be if she became a paparazzi.  That first night on the street, Kip takes a photo of the love of her life, actor Alex Milne.  And that's how the story begins.

And how the story ends?  You have to read the books, don't you.  But if you read Bad Apple 4: Certain, Kip appears in that book and we tie both series up with a nice big bow.


  1. When will the next Flash books come out?

  2. Sorry to say there will be no new Flashes. However Bad Apple 4: Certain has guest appearances by Kip, Alex, Gabe, Dew and Junior which ties their stories up pretty well.
    I do suggest you read the entire Bad Apple series first so you understand what's going on with Neal and Truly. I'm very glad you enjoyed the Flashes. I liked them, too.