Friday, May 10, 2013

Bad Apple 4 Contest--Name That Title!

Yes, Bad Apple 4 is nearly done.  The cover is done.
No, it's not titled Parked now.  The title was changed.

So in order to have some fun in the run-up to publication sometime this month (oooo!  Exciting!), I'm going to have a contest.

I'm going to give you the first letter from the 1 word title and anyone EVERYONE who guesses the title correctly will be sent a free copy of the book you've all waited so long and so patiently for.

Yes, all loose ends are tied up.  Yes, most of your questions will be answered.  Yes it will be well and truly finished.

You can post your guess here in the comment section or the book's Facebook page  You can send me an email--my contact info is on the upper right side of this page.

Good luck!

That's a capital C


  1. Great. We have a winner. How did you figure it out? And what's your email address so I can send a copy to you?

  2. My logic: closure + struggles about direction for the band/characters + Ce = Certain. BTW, I'm a 30 year old woman who has read all 3 Bad Apple books in the last 4 days and enjoyed them immensely. I would've definitely bought the 4th,so getting it free is a definite treat. Thanks!