Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bad Apple 4: Certain Published

Joe  promised to kill her.  Neal’s been lucky so far but is her luck about to run out?
Terrified and alone, Neal Marchal has been running and hiding from her abusive stepbrother, Joe Kent for most of her life.  Now she has friends and resources but so does Joe.  He knows her every move almost before she makes it.  All Neal wants is a future with Truly Lambert and she’s prepared to do anything to make that her reality.  But there are twists and turns, friends and foes, that enter her life that Neal never imagined.  Even when it’s over, it’s not over.  Can Neal put an end to her past this time?

Yes, I pushed the button but you still have to wait since it takes at least 12 hours for Amazon to publish anything.  It'll be at Kobo too so epub people are covered as well.

And yes.  There will be another contest. I don't know what but here's the way neat prize.
Maybe you can suggest a good contest. I'm game.


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