Friday, March 8, 2013

Final Stretch

Sparks of insight flashing like lightning bugs in a night sky are accompanying the completion of Bittersweet 2.  So I'm sorry all my attention is on that, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Listening to Michal Towber's One Immortal Day.  LOVE  "Ordinary Life"!


  1. That's Amazing great job!! So do you know when it's going to be published? super excited to read it!!

  2. Hi Sam! Good to see you. I've begun the process of combing through the manuscript to find things I need to change or that don't track with something that happened earlier or later. Of course you check the spelling and grammar. In their time the farm will be visited by a photoshoot today for a fashion layout. Lockie catches the eye of almost everyone on this shoot including the lead model, Ceallaigh. We will hear much more of this in book 3. Then there's a nice family gathering. And the book concludes with a hunter pace. Rogers was supposed to ride in it but life doesn't go smoothly even at Bittersweet Farm, so there's a replacement teammate for Talia and that does not go well. Then it's onto the final surprise! I still don't have a cover. I promise it will be published by the end of the month but know that my fingers are crossed. It might be a couple days later. It might be earlier. It will be soon. I will announce here and my facebook pages for sure. I'd be glad to send you a copy so you can give an honest review of it. Would that be good for you?

  3. That would be so cool! i loved the first book so probably love the second one even more! Im actually an equestrian myself! I have 2 horses. Shawnee is my paint mare and i do western pleasure and drill team with her. I also have a pinto mini horse named Sarge that Drive and show in halter and mini hunter hack.