Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bittersweet Farm 2: Joyful Spirit Going Live

Good news!  I just published this to Amazon and it should be live within hours.

Here is the blurb:

Talia Margolin doesn’t want to be judged and quickly learns the show ring isn’t the only place she’ll be tested. The challenges Talia faces now that Lockie Malone is the trainer at Bittersweet Farm stack up like cord wood.  Her half-sister, Greer, is making the transition to jumper rider more easily than Talia can switch to dressage.  Talia’s former boyfriend, Josh, grows closer to Lockie and confides secrets he won’t share with her.  Then there’s the hunter pace looming ahead.  Talia wonders if her life can get more difficult.
Does it?

I think you longtimers know what this means.  Give me a couple days to recuperate and I will set myself to Bad Apple #4-Parked.


  1. I bought it last night couldn't put it down and finished in five hours! Loved the ending because it left you wanting more but didnt push you over the edge with fear like the last one. Keep up the good work it's an awesome story! I love how your actually right on terminalolgoy. Loved it can't wait bittersweet 3 even though it may be awhile it will be worth the wait! Also in love with the new covers wasn't to crazy about it before you changed it now its perfect. Great work and loved it for the thousandth time in this short paragraph!

  2. Thank you, Sam! Your enthusiasm for the series is terrific and appreciated more than you can know.

    Bittersweet 3: Wingspread will have many very unexpected surprises. They're surprising me. They're surprising the characters already and all we've done is come home from the hunter pace so far!

    I promise never to write a cliffhanger like the end of Mounted again. Or...maybe I will. We'll have to see. ;-)

    Barb Morgenroth