Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome To My Home Away From Home

I realized while I do have a (don't go there until I say I've updated it) and a (go there, it's very current and fun) if someone was actually looking for me, I'm not around.  I decided I should be around, have a presence in the aetherial world.

If you have found me and would like to praise me, please do.  I love being praised.  If you have complaints, be gentle, especially if it's about formatting.  I've been struggling with nitpicky little things for weeks and hope to get everything resolved by the end of my life.

I have no new news to report since all my news just happened.  But I'll review for you.  Summer Horse did extremely well over the Christmas Season and I couldn't be more thrilled it's finding an audience.  I hope Dream Horse becomes the next book for those readers.  Yes, that's my horse, Strictly Legit, on the cover.  It did get a 5 star review on Amazon so that made my day.  Thank you whoever you are, and thanks for pointing out the formatting issue.  I hope I've solved it. 

I published book 2 in the Bad Apple series, Burning Daylight, the first week of the month.  I hope readers start to find this series as I consider it some of my finest work.  Book 3, Rise With the Wind, is being written now.

For my more mature readers, Not Low Maintenance, continues to surprise me and I'm so pleased readers like Viva and Bel as much as I do.  Yes, there is a companion book in which Bel is the main character.  It's about 50% completed and I make no promises when I'll push that to the finish line.  Soon, I hope.

I've never done as much writing as I have this year, not even in my daytime television days.  So between learning various computer programs and struggling with issues like why aren't there spaces between the words in the ebook when I see them in the word processing program, I need an all expenses paid vacation in Tuscany!

My last (I imagine) traditionally published book will be released by Avalon in the next few weeks.  I'll post a chapter here so you can enjoy it.  It's completely PG and suitable for all readers.  For anyone who likes flyboys as much as I do, I'm sure you'll find this a good way to spend a cold winter's night.

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