Saturday, January 15, 2011

Someone Has A Long Memory

It wouldn't take much research on your part to learn I've been at this writing thing for quite a while now.
One of the most fun experiences I had was when some guy on the internet was trying to give me advice on my writing.  So I said "Aaron, how old are you?"  Hem Haw.  "I'm going to say 30," I wrote.  He wrote back "Okay then 28."  "Great.  I published my first book before you were born."  Crickets.

So this morning I went to the BN page for my book Dream Horse and found this  review

a lovely horse book for the middle-grade (9-12 year old) readerby Susan_in_Boston

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An excellent choice for the young horse-lover, this book is also available in paperback under the title Impossible Charlie. I'd recommend this to readers of Jessie Haas' middle-grade fiction, especially those who loved her Keeping Barney.
I'd love to see her two excellent horse books for the teen market, Last Junior Year and Ride a Proud Horse, made available as nookbooks!

Those books are the oldest I have.  I wrote Proud Horse when I was 24 (who *is* that person?).  I have to be honest, I did some tweaking on Dream Horse, quite a bit on Summer Horse (nee Nicki & Wynne).  I entertained the notion of going back to Ride a Proud Horse and Last Junior Year but haven't wanted to invest the time.  I know there's more work there, and probably some embarrassment!, than I can face.  I'm doing the Bad Apple 3 book Rise With The Wind now, and after that should finish the companion book to Not Low Maintenance.  Obviously horse books are of interest to young readers and maybe some day I'll oblige them by telling the story of my horse, Spark.

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