Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hi To All Newcomers

Season's Greetings.

I'll bet you are here because Bittersweet Farm 1 is free at Amazon.  Terrific!

You are welcome to join us on Facebook
Bittersweet Farm FB Page
Feel free to join in, comment and meet the other readers.

I often post snippets of the work in progress, ask for input regarding titles or names of horses and definitely ask for opinions on cover art.  When a new release is scheduled, it will always appear there first.

I will always respond to questions or comments whether here at the blog or on my Facebook pages.
Barbara Morgenroth at Facebook
You can find me there too.

You can find me on Twitter @BarbMorgenroth.  I won't spam you, I promise.  I will mention, however, when a new work is available, or if there's news about another book.

There is also a website.  I'm sorry it's not very current.  Forgive me for not being able to do the code myself.  Someday I'll have time to learn how.

I've been riding for a good long time and writing for almost as long.  I have a TB/Oldenberg mare whose papered name is Zig Zag.  She goes by Ziggy and lives here with me.  She loves cookies and is very talkative.  Sometimes when I step out of the house, I get a lecture. She doesn't know anything about horse whispering and prefers to speak in a normal tone of voice.

I hope you like the books.  If you don't, try to remember I didn't write them to tick you off.  You can always contact me by email to express your pleasure or disappointment.

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