Monday, November 10, 2014

Bittersweet Farm 9: Roll the Dice LIVE

“Did you stay overnight with Sloane? That shouldn’t be such a hard question to answer!”
“Why do you want to know?”
Cam and Greer can’t stop fighting and while it’s tearing Greer up, it doesn’t seem to affect Cam at all.
Spring has arrived, fresh in all ways, with it an unexpected addition to the farm and an expected departure. As ever, Victoria is not without her surprises or her style of revenge.
New opportunities are presented to Talia but she hesitates. Neither she nor Lockie are clear about the direction the farm should take and any choice means giving up something else.


  1. Please get this book into print soon! And of course I'm hoping for book 10. I am now reading 1-8 for the third time.

  2. (blogspot just ate my response)

    Hi Bailey. Go to the Facebook page
    You will be welcome there and everyone helps each other pass the time till the new release.

    BF9 was released in paper this morning.
    I mentioned it on FB then had to go get new contact lenses and a can opener.