Friday, August 1, 2014

Crazy Bad! Defiant Enrages Reader!

If Defiant can enrage this reader, it must be powerful.  You only take flak when you're over the target.

Mixed Messages and a agenda July 30, 2014 This read like a republican political commercial against "big" government. Like most propaganda, it tried to distract you from the fact that the ideas were not backed up with logic explanations, but instead, it tried to dazzle you with emotions. I wasn't dazzled by the weak romance offered up in this disaster of a book. It begins with a rape, but don't feel too bad because no one in the story really does. Apparently bad stuff happens to everyone, and you don't have time to cry or be traumatized. It goes on to tell you that those evil folks in the city have ruined us all by trying to prevent fraking for natural gas (cause their ain't no real proof that it pollutes ground water!! What?!). The electricity is gone, but there is no explanation how it happened, other than those stupid liberals trying to pass regulations are to blame. Oh, yeah, they killed all healthcare, too. It has a clear Christian viewpoint, but then allows for a couple to have premarital sex and there is no peace, just violence, advocated by the best Christian guy in town. I don't know what to make of this. It was crazy bad.

Christian viewpoint?  I'm not a Christian.
Fracking?  Does Marcellus Shale ring a bell?
"Big Government"/poor citizens?  Worked in Hunger Games.

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