Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Missed Wish

I always liked the story about a girl uprooted from her school and friends to move across the country only to feel disoriented in a strange California town.  Then she learns secrets her father has been hiding for years that make her an embarrassing public figure for her 15 minutes of fame.  One thing that helps save Cap's sanity is the high school polo team.  The other thing is the captain of the polo team, Mill, who is very cute.  What part is the missed wish?  She wishes for something and gets it.  There's nothing quite like wishing for something and getting it hard.

The cover never worked.  There was something wrong about the color tone of the original photo of a guy and girl and I couldn't correct it in Photoshop, so I did the best I could and moved on.

Today I found a couple images on Flickr, free to use with attribution.  So I tried a couple of those and came up with this as a new cover.  Opinions?

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