Monday, August 6, 2012

Cross Everything!

This is not based on huge sales, but Amazon works in very unpredictable ways.  Last year for no reason at all, Not Low Maintenance caught a wave and started to do really well, so well a movie producer contacted me (the sweet spot also evaporated just as quickly and no movie).  The rule I learned then is the more visible you are the more you sell and the more you sell the more visible you are so the more you sell.  I know people were buying NLM only because it was so visible.

Cross everything, fingers, toes, our hair.  Bad Apple made a huge leap overnight.
As I said this is based on a miniscule number of books sold (under 10) but that's not even the point.  The point is the ranking.  People will see you at 19 when they won't see you at 83 and they sure won't see you if you're not in the top 100.  Trust me, this is all about how Amazon works.  It might be about how fast the books sold (yes, they do calculate that).

We can just hope it stays that way for a while which will put BA in front of a larger number of people and then we might all be really excited.  And I promise I will share every tidbit with you because I know it's as important to you as it is to me.


  1. Barbara,

    My name is Valerie Cameron. I may have known you in the 70's. Did you grow up in Brookfield, CT.? You inspired me to become a writer.

  2. Val! Such a surprise! Email me! How is Vanessa?
    The two of you were absolutely unforgettable and you did teach me how to fold fitted sheets. Did you ever get a pilot's license? I did.