Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fly Away Freebie Today

Go to my other blog for the horrible details leading up to this moment.  Yes, I had to switch the cover.  Something that probably doesn't surprise Kelly!  I hope Amazon manages to make that happen quickly since their speed at getting changes live has been increasing in the past couple months.

It's free and being promo'ed in all the appropriate places and we'll see what happens.

FREE.  FLY AWAY. July 12-July 14.  Lis wanted to fly away but didn’t mean it so literally until meeting daredevil flyboy, Jake, who redefines the phrase "turning your world on its head".

Update:  This is very cool.  As I've said all over the place today, I had a lot of mentoring from a nice woman who understands the process of putting a book on Kindle Select Freebie.  When I checked a while ago, her book was #1 and mine was #2.  It doesn't get better than that.  (It'll change 25 times by tomoro morning.)

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