Tuesday, June 13, 2017

About a year ago my sales started to fall even though I was advertising continually on Facebook and Amazon.  What made me realize how dire the situation was, was when I read an article by the publisher of The Chronicle of the Horse and he said he had trouble reaching an equestrian audience.  When a multimillionaire with an established magazine can't find readers, how can I?

There are 29,000,000 people in America who have an interest in horses.
That's a big audience!
When I share information with other writers of horse books, we all agree that there are about 1000 readers/customers who are buying our books.
This is not good.
This is not enough money for any of us to live on without having another source of income.
That's the bottomline.  Real life.

I need to write something with a larger audience and I have been thinking about 2 ideas, but a few days ago I mentioned an idea to a writer pal and she loved it.  It made me think more seriously about it.  I began to feel excited for the possibilities.

If you could support the new endeavor--only if you actually liked it, of course--then that might help the book reach its audience.
(The way it works at Amazon is if you release a book and people enthusiastically purchase it, it becomes a Hot New Release and is featured on a search page.  This helps make people aware of the book.)

If things worked well, I would be able to return to the BFs.  One other thing, one BF, rinse and  repeat.  If I don't have income then I cannot continue the BFs.  It will be necessary for me to keep writing different things until 1 works.  Such is the life of a professional writer.

Questions or comments?